Tecumseh K90-49 - Reliable Power for Your Equipment

Jul 4, 2022
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Welcome to Medlin Equipment, your trusted provider of high-quality shipping and logistics services. We are proud to introduce the Tecumseh K90-49 engine, a powerful and reliable solution for all your equipment needs.

About Medlin Equipment

As a leading player in the business and consumer services industry, Medlin Equipment specializes in shipping and logistics services. With years of experience, we have built a solid reputation for providing efficient and timely solutions to our customers.

The Tecumseh K90-49 Engine

The Tecumseh K90-49 engine is a high-performance engine that offers unmatched power and dependability. It is specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of various equipment applications.

Reliable Power

When it comes to power, the Tecumseh K90-49 engine delivers exceptional performance. With its advanced design and robust construction, this engine provides reliable power output, ensuring that your equipment operates at its best even in challenging conditions.

Efficiency and Reduced Emissions

In addition to power, the Tecumseh K90-49 engine is designed to be fuel-efficient, helping you save on operating costs. It also complies with strict emissions regulations, making it an environmentally-friendly choice for your equipment.

Durable Construction

Investing in the Tecumseh K90-49 engine means investing in durability. Built with high-quality materials and rigorous engineering standards, this engine is built to last. Its reliable construction ensures minimal downtime and reduced maintenance, allowing you to focus on your work.

Technical Specifications

Here are some of the key specifications of the Tecumseh K90-49 engine:

Power and Performance

  • Displacement: 90cc
  • Max Power Output: 4.9 HP
  • Maximum Torque: 7.3 lb-ft
  • Engine Type: 4-stroke, single-cylinder

Fuel and Lubrication

  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.8 liters
  • Lubrication System: Splash Lubrication

Starting and Cooling

  • Starter Type: Recoil Starter
  • Cooling System: Air-Cooled

Dimensions and Weight

  • Length: 280mm
  • Width: 380mm
  • Height: 310mm
  • Weight: 15kg

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At Medlin Equipment, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient equipment for your business. With the Tecumseh K90-49 engine, you can trust that your equipment will perform at its peak, ensuring productivity and success. Contact our dedicated team today to place your order and experience the Medlin Equipment difference!